Solo Works

As a solo violinist and composer/improviser, I release and perform dissident fiddle music. To date I have several solo releases with four of them released in 2012 alone in true DIY fashion, and one released in 2013 via Sydney new music label Wood & Wire. The first installment in a possible series of solo acoustic fiddle improvisations – Street Music Vol. 1 – will be out Winter (northern hemisphere) 2015 through Cabin Floor Esoterica in  a limited edition of carefully dubbed and crafted cassettes.


I have collaborated with a broad range of talented and like-minded artists throughout my career including musicians, performing artists, visual artists, writers and film makers. Some recent collaborations include:

  • Tony Irving & Adam Cadell, Some Shards For The Void, 2014, Duskdarter.
  • Nikko, The Warm Side 2010, Gold & Red 2011, Tenzenmen.
  • Brend, Is Your Product Good for Me? 2011, Cyprus Hillsong.

Feel free to get in touch via the contact page if you want to discuss ideas for collaboration.

The Scrapes

Perhaps my most well-known work is alongside comrade, guitarist and song-writer, Ryan Potter, as a member of instrumentals duo The Scrapes.  The Scrapes musical world is like no other, and across one CDR (The Scrapes, 2009), several compilations, film scores (both real and imagined), installations, EPs, and two full-length albums (Electric Mourning Blues 2010, Kali Yuga Sunrise 2011, All Is Number Records) the Scrapes have marched to the beat of their own drum to great success. The Scrapes have toured their native Australia on several occasions and are very open to touring further abroad in order to finally meet their listeners in Asia, Europe, the UK and the US. The Scrapes have completed their 3rd full-length album The Songs of Baron Samedi, released on cassette via Soft Abuse records in July 2015 and on vinyl through Conquest of Noise records before the end of the year.    


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