I am a musician, writer and educator.

As a violinist I am working towards a liberated and dissident practice.  I have worked in various ensembles, orchestras and bands both famous and obscure and am one-half of acclaimed duo The Scrapes, as well as a composer of my own works released under my own name. From late 2012 to late 2013, I lived in Ghana studying and performing Ghanaian and West African music and working with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ghana.

As a researcher and writer, I am interested in music and ideology with particular emphasis on the music of underground violinists, but also have a strong background in the ideological rumblings of the Romantic era and the subterranean world of true heavy metal.  In 2013 I completed my PhD which explored radical violin performance practices in the 1960s counter-culture.  I write with a desire to uncover progressive, subversive and meaningful music and a means to advocate for music outside of neoliberal norms.

As an experienced educator, I provide one-on-one violin tuition to students of all ages, present lectures, and facilitate workshops and master classes on my areas of knowledge.


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