Hello there.  My name is Adam.  I like to play violin, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends.  I like to compose music and travel to strange and wonderful places, and learn about other music cultures.  Between 2010 and 2013 I wrote A LOT OF WORDS about radical violin performance practices in the 1960s counter-culture and now sometimes people call me Doctor. But not the kind you want to find on a plane.

Here are some of my projects…


Bush Songs (2018) out now on Soft Abuse  digital, tape and digital

When The Sea Boiled With The Living (2016) out now on 267 Lattajjaa

Street Music Vol. 1 (2015) out now on Cabin Floor Esoterica

My solo bandcamp

Film Composition:

The Unmanned: The Everted Capital 2 – Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni 2019

The Unmanned Part 2: The Everted Capital – Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni 2018

One Thousand Horses – Brett Brown 2018 (music by The Scrapes)

Sofala – Lococrabz Productions 2012 (music by The Scrapes)


The Scrapes

Jive Canyon

Quartet For The End Of Time




w/ Katariin Raska 2021 (project for BBC3 Late Junction, available on demand)

w/ Pagans 2018 (live performances and recording project with Artús FR)

w/ Bardo Todol

w/ Carter Thornton

w/ Henry Flynt US

w/ Blaise Siwula

w/ Tony Irving

w/ Jastreb


w/ Horst Quartet

Upper Partialism

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