Hello there.  My name is Adam.  I like to play violin, sometimes by myself, sometimes with friends.  I like to compose music and travel to strange and wonderful places, and learn about other music cultures.  Between 2010 and 2013 I wrote A LOT OF WORDS about radical violin performance practices in the 1960s counter-culture and now sometimes people call me Doctor. But not the kind you want to find on a plane.

Here are some of my projects…


NEW! Subtropic Misanthropic (2021) out now on Why Keith Dropped the S

Bush Songs (2018) out now on Soft Abuse  digital, tape and digital

When The Sea Boiled With The Living (2016) out now on 267 Lattajjaa

Street Music Vol. 1 (2015) out now on Cabin Floor Esoterica

My solo bandcamp

Film Composition:

The Unmanned: The Everted Capital 2 – Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni 2019

The Unmanned Part 2: The Everted Capital – Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni 2018

One Thousand Horses – Brett Brown 2018 (music by The Scrapes)

Sofala – Lococrabz Productions 2012 (music by The Scrapes)


The Scrapes

Jive Canyon

Quartet For The End Of Time




w/ Katariin Raska 2021 (project for BBC3 Late Junction, available on demand)

w/ Pagans 2018 (live performances and recording project with Artús FR)

w/ Bardo Todol

w/ Carter Thornton

w/ Henry Flynt US

w/ Blaise Siwula

w/ Tony Irving

w/ Jastreb


w/ Horst Quartet

Upper Partialism

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